Grads case study

Case stufy logo - only quality availableShropshire company EnDet benefitted from the Marches Grads for Business scheme – a fund which supports a graduate placement to help a business to grow and develop.

The scheme, which has now finished, covered up to 45 per cent of the cost of the placement and provided free recruitment assistance.

Wolverhampton University graduate Ashok Vallabhaneni completed his Masters degree in Advanced Technology Management at the University of Wolverhampton, and thanks to the scheme is now working with technology company EnDet on the Battlefield Enterprise Park in Shrewsbury as a computer aided design engineer.

For EnDet, recruiting Ashok to its team has allowed it to increase the turnover of projects and workload and support the business to grow further with a lower risk than recruiting independently.

“It is very challenging and I am learning a lot of things. All my colleagues are very helpful, supportive and guiding me on the correct path and I am very grateful to Shropshire Council and EnDet for the opportunity.”

Business Development Manager Tom Knight said: “It’s great to have Ashok on board. We’ve considered hiring graduates in the past, but this support has allowed us to commit the extra time and resources to fully training Ashok to better understand our niche business and develop the skills and knowledge he gained at university.”

Ashok said the whole application and interview procedure had gone smoothly and quickly.

He said:“I found the job posting through the university and had a quick reply from Shropshire Council.

“After going through the application process, I went to EnDet and was shown around before having an interview and a week later, I was told I had got the job.

Improving the skills of your workforce can bring big benefits to your business.

It can fill in skills gaps that you may have and encourage and commit employees to your business.