logo‘Shropshire Apprenticeships LIVE!’, which will held on March 14 has been designed to promote some of the great Apprenticeship opportunities in the Shropshire area. The focus will be on LIVE Apprenticeship vacancies allowing students to begin the application process on the day and take those first steps to a successful career.

Shropshire Council is working closely with the Ladder for Shropshire and the Marches Skills Provider Network to offer an interactive event where young people can experience a range of different careers available via this route. The event, at , Shrewsbury Town football ground from 3pm till 7pm is open to anyone aged 14 years and over and will host a range of employers, colleges and training providers all offering an array of Apprenticeship opportunities.

Throughout the day delegates from a range of sectors will be on hand to answer any queries students might have and promote LIVE apprenticeship opportunities that they have available. We will also have advisers from Shropshire Youth available on the day to provide extra support and guidance to those who need it.

Over 9000 students and parents across Shropshire are personally invited to the event with invitations being sent to the households of years 11 to 13. Attendees will also gain access to a number of Apprenticeship brands with established reputations in the Shropshire area for helping young people start successful careers. In order for young people to make informed decision about their future it is important that we continue to expose them to a variety of different career opportunities.

This event is free to attend for students and there is no limit on the number pupils who can attend from different schools or colleges. If you would like to register your school or colleges interest in the event or would like further information please email ladder@apprenticeship-providers.co.uk

To find out more you can follow our weekly Shropshire Star coverage taking place throughout February or visit our websitewww.shropshireapprenticeships.co.uk.

If you would like to receive further information regarding the event please email ladder@apprenticeship-providers.co.uk